Don’t forget to check out the CAST UDL Symposium Welcome document for details about the Symposium, what to bring, what to do when you arrive, and other great resources.
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Allison Posey

Senior Content Editor and Producer
Wakefield, MA
Allison Posey is a national leader for professional learning and implementation of Universal Design for Learning. She works at CAST, where she collaborates with researchers and educators to integrate and apply current understandings from brain research into instructional practices so that all students are able to access, integrate and become expert learners. Prior to coming to CAST, Allison was a life science teacher in high school and community college settings. She received a degree in Mind, Brain, and Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education and is author of Engage the Brain: How to design for learning that taps into the power of emotions (ASCD, 2018) and Unlearning: Change your beliefs and practice with UDL (CAST Publishing, 2020).

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