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James-Etta Goodloe, Ed.D.

Dr. James-Etta's Consulting Group, LLC
Louisville, Kentucky Area
Dr. James-Etta is Founder & CEO of Dr. James-Etta's Consulting Group,LLC. Her agency helps schools, districts & organizations examine implicit and explicit bias in order to go from being blissfully unaware about cultural differences to being sensitive, authentic and fully engaged to support every student/parent and every client/consumer, regardless of background or circumstance.
She is a native of Kentucky but has lived in Texas, Hawaii, Washington, DC, and Wisconsin. A writer at heart, James-Etta has kept a personal journal throughout most of her life. And it is with this ability, to not only write, but to also analyze and reflect over her past experiences that has propelled her to her passion of being culturally self-aware.
Dr. James-Etta specializes in qualitative data collection through self-examination, reflective writing and deep discussion to gain insight from multiple perspectives.
Prior to starting her own business, James-Etta worked as a Culturally Responsive Teaching Consultant for the Kentucky Department of Education where she provided insight and expertise into the impact of being culturally responsive to every student who enter the classrooms for Kentucky schools and districts.
Visit website to learn more: www.drjamesetta.com